Speech and Language Workshops

We are available to provide workshops and consultations to early childhood educators, schools, and parent groups. Please email Alexandra to inquire about specific topics or areas of interest. Some examples include:

  • Facilitating communication in toddlers (including typical development and delayed language)
  • Promoting language in the preschool years
  • Working with specialized populations (e.g. children with ASD, hearing loss)

What our clients say

Alex was my daughter’s speech therapist for 2 years. I feel that Alex’s vast knowledge combined with her warm and caring personality greatly helped my daughter. Alex has many fun ways to teach and was very sensitive to my daughter’s moods and personality. Continue Reading

Parent of preschooler

We were extremely fortunate to have Alexandra as our son’s speech therapist. Alex was very knowledgeable about speech development and giving us strategies that we could use at home to help him improve his speech. Our son always looked forward to speech sessions, which were fun, playful and very productive... Continue Reading

Parent of preschooler