Reflections from 2014

Happy New Year! We had a very exciting and busy year in 2014. With moving our office location and continuing our work on the front lines, we have enjoyed meeting many new families. We hope that we have made a difference in the lives of our clients, but cannot undermine or ignore the difference our clients have made in our lives. It is through our relationships with children and families that we, too, continue to grow as clinicians in our understanding and appreciation of the development of communication. Language development cannot occur in an isolated or decontextualized manner, but can only advance in the context of relationships and meaningful activities and experiences. We feel so grateful and humbled to be a part of this process. Thank you to all of our families and we look forward to the year ahead!

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What our clients say

Alex was my daughter’s speech therapist for 2 years. I feel that Alex’s vast knowledge combined with her warm and caring personality greatly helped my daughter. Alex has many fun ways to teach and was very sensitive to my daughter’s moods and personality. Continue Reading

Parent of preschooler

We were extremely fortunate to have Alexandra as our son’s speech therapist. Alex was very knowledgeable about speech development and giving us strategies that we could use at home to help him improve his speech. Our son always looked forward to speech sessions, which were fun, playful and very productive... Continue Reading

Parent of preschooler